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  • Large number of dedicated and striving members with immense potential to have a positive impact on society;
  • Innovative approaches with fresh ideas and programs;
  • We serve students and not vice versa;
  • We aim to raise a generation of change-makers that would take responsibility for the future;
  • Help us execute our uniquely designed projects that would fix student problems and go beyond.


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We value the online component of our programs

Gera creates a platform for successful students to define themselves and find the best in them and grow by working wise and productive using all the today’s available tools to be successful in today’s global business environment.

The first step in your future career is choosing the right (Internship program that goes parallel where your each day, program is helping you to define yourself, polish yourself, get the knowledge you need to be the right candidate for your future job, Program that helps you to succeed and grow into the top candidate. While you are students it is very critical to spend your time wisely and meaningfully, etc) business school. How do you choose? Reputation, success of alumni, and location are all factors that must be taken into account. But the real question that you need to answer is, "How well will the business education prepare me for a successful career?»(More question to ask (about why to go with us ) more debatable question that will make a students to consider what type of internship program to be involved with) BSL’s mission is to give students a comprehensive, quality, education to enable them to manage and lead successfully in today’s global business environment. BSL achieves this by inculcating in its students a proactive, strategic and pragmatic approach to business.

Business School Lausanne (GERA-Intern) is a leading innovator in (Intern Educational Program) business education. With an entrepreneurial spirit, (GERA) BSL is committed to practical and pragmatic (development learning, achieving realistic goals). The contemporary programs developed by (GERA) BSL including the accelerated 2 year undergraduate Business Administration (BBA) program through to a Masters (MBA) and Doctorate (DBA) level, attracts forward-thinking participants from over 40 countries. In addition, specialized Master’s programs in Finance, International Business and Global Marketing are offered.

Our headquarters is located in Washington, DC with affiliate offices in NJ, NY, CA, and the Republic of Armenia. The organization plans to open up additional affiliate chapters across the United States as well as in countries around the world.

GERA currently has 29 unique and innovative programs to offer its members and has partnered with leading companies and organizations to help in its cause. We want to create a generation of positive change – a group of leaders equipped with academic knowledge, entrepreneurial experience and professional skills; innovators ready to develop and realize new ideas that will change our planet for the better.

GERA focuses its attention on a wide range of interconnected issues such as drop-out rate reduction and financial literacy, serving as liaison between international students and educational institutions. Our members have a chance to dramatically increase their knowledge and skills through exposure to our various resources and personalized programs, all of which are designed to maximize their potential in an ever changing, highly competitive, global society.

We value the involvement of our community, and for that reason we have created a GERA Parents’ Group to aid in our efforts.

Join us now and let us help you reach your dreams and achieve greatness!