Our Mission

Global Education and Research Alliance (GERA), Inc. is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization committed to supporting students and young professionals in their pursuit of excellence in academia, industry, and the arts by providing specialized life-mapping services.

Through the use of mentor-based programs, we are building a new generation of entrepreneurial and academic leaders – young men and women possessed of the training and confidence necessary for building up a better tomorrow.


An important factor that separates us from other Intern programs is our successes in creating new higher level Intern program independent with recognition of the quality of our programs. Global Education and Research Alliance was the first who took an initiative in its kind business model where the student creates its own path by working more innovative way to show his/her greatness.

Internationally diverse

An international student body enhances cross-cultural perspectives and an appreciation for cultural diversity. Only by exploring different approaches, will innovative and creative solutions be found – so necessary in today’s international business arena. Participants are challenged to move out of their “comfort zone” with an open mind and flexible attitude in order to competently solve problems and make informed and effective decisions.

GERA aims to enable each pupil to achieve full academic potential and to provide secure environment in which students are guided to exercise creativity, initiatives and physical fitness. Our primary objective is fostering of praiseworthy values.

Gera’s program is designed in a way to meet individual students abilities and create self-motivation

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Join Global Education and Research Alliance and develop your career skills, receive potential credit for internship experience. We have openings for one week to six month internship.