Hero Parents

GERA Hero Parents’ Club

GERA HPC is a uniquely designed program that provides parents with the necessary tools to be able to positively affect their children’s education. Usually parents are left out of the equation when it comes to higher education, but they can play a critical role in making this process better for the students as well as for themselves. GERA HPC is an autonomous entity within the structural umbrella of the organization. It is led by the parents themselves under the necessary guidance and participation of professional staff. By creating a motivated and powerful network of parents, we can channel the connections, resources, and talents of parents to the betterment of students in our universities and beyond.

Students encompass one of the most vulnerable and at the same time one of the largest strata of the society. They usually enter college without any experience or guidance and are squeezed by the student loans and challenges of independent livelihood. GERA HPC aims to make that transition less painful for the students and serve as a safety net in case things go wrong. GERA HPC is an extra cushion of safety that the students may rely upon and thus feel more confident to move forward with their studies to pursue their lifelong dreams and plans for a brighter future of our world.

GERA invites and strongly encourages parents of current, past, and future college students to join HPC in order to make a positive mark on the personal lives of millions of people. By planting the seeds today and investing in our future generation, we are bound to see a more educated, motivated, and compassionate generation to come that will continue the traditional foundation which we are laying today together.

NOTE: All the team members, stuff members and board members of Global Education and Research Alliance are strictly working on volunteer bases.

Parents Club

Global Education and Research Alliance in order to better serve its mission outlined in the Bylaws of the organization hereby creates the Parents Club.


GERA has developed the Parents Club (PC) for the following reasons:

  • To bridge the gap between the students and their parents;
  • To provide a moral, psychological, financial, and other assistance to students in need through parent activism;
  • To provide one-on-one and/or group tutoring for students in the field of the parent’s expertise;
  • To provide parents with a real opportunity to make a difference within the new generation and have a peace of mind;
  • To create a better civil society by fostering a dialogue and understanding among various age groups;
  • To foster parent-to-parent dialogue and exchange of ideas/experiences/advice;
  • To create a harmonious environment among parents and students from different cultural/ethnic/religious backgrounds;
  • To create a community bond and friendly relationship in order to better assist the local member students and their families;
  • To collectively monitor and assess student development and progress in various fields and cooperate with GERA Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees in order to better serve the membership of GERA and its mission;
  • To support all member students from any family setting.


Activities of the Parents Club

Only activities geared towards benefiting member students of GERA are allowed. These may include, but not limited to organizing fundraisers, mentoring, giving out scholarships, sponsoring students, paying students’ membership dues, organizing camping/sports/recreational activities, organizing banquets and special ceremonies, developing special programs for strengthening parent-student relationships, educational tutoring etc.

The primary goal of PC is to provide a parent involvement and support for students who are in the need of it.


Who can join?

Any parent regardless of the child’s age may and are strongly encouraged to join. Parents whose children have already graduated from college/university may join. Parents whose children are currently attending college/university may join. Parents whose children are yet to attend college/university may join.


How to Join

Parents may join by filling out a short form online at www.geraedu.org and committing to pay their dues, which will be entirely used for benefiting the students.


Dues and Donations

The Parents Club, by consulting with GERA Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees will establish monthly dues amount. All of the dues will be deposited into the general GERA fund. PC and GERA Executive Committee shall agree upon a mutually acceptable percentage divide of the dues. Some of the monies will be deposited into a special stream under the general GERA fund, which can be used by the PC (i.e. sponsoring special events for students, distributing scholarship monies, or any other activities to benefit member students). The other portion of the monies will go into the general GERA fund and will be used for the purposes of the daily activities of the organization. PC, in consultation with GERA Executive Board and the Board of Trustees, will administer its portion of the fund. The Board of Trustees with a majority vote may abort any transaction and/or action of PC, if it finds that the particular spending/activity does not serve the mission of PC and/or is not rationed most efficiently and/or any other reason that may be against the overall mission of GERA.



The Parents Club will be solely composed of and governed by parents. PC will be working closely with the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees of GERA in order to coordinate actions to reach the common goal of the organization. The Parents Club will have officers, including President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The positions will be available on volunteer basis and will rotate every six months.

GERA realizes that by giving parents sizeable autonomy on decision-making, the organization as a whole will be more effective and efficient. Parents have very valuable insights on many issues and it is of paramount importance to allow them to use those insights to create better programs. By providing a liberal and cooperative work environment within PC, we are convinced that the quality and effectiveness of our work will be multiplied.

PC together with GERA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees will closely monitor federal, state, and local government decisions affecting all the parties involved and if necessary will decide on a course of action in order to most appropriately address problems. PC with the consent of GERA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees may actively collaborate with government and non-government organizations in order to better serve its mission.

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