GERA Lifetrail Program

Notwithstanding the generally positive effects of globalization on the US and world economy, this process has also turned the current job market into a very competitive field. American, Japanese, Australian, French, and other professionals now compete globally for jobs and business. This high competition creates fertile ground for companies to exploit their interns and take advantage of the latters while offering very little in return.

It is a dire situation that needs to be addressed and the rights of the students need to be protected. Internships are meant to enhance the skills of students and enhance their skill-set that will make them better suited for the labor market. However, what we see today, unfortunately, is not what the original idea of internships entailed. Today we witness a systematic exploitation of students to the benefit of companies and corporations who largely provide no financial, educational, or other type of compensation.

Recognizing this problem, GERA has spearheaded the development of GERA Lifetrail® Program, which aims to improve the current situation and make sure that students are treated fairly as well as gain more than what they contribute. Students have the liberty to choose to intern either with GERA or with GERA-affiliated organizations who have also made the pledge to put the students first and make sure that the internships firstly benefit students themselves. Similar to all other GERA programs, Lifetrail® Program has been meticulously developed with the participation of experts in the field to ensure maximum benefits for GERA members.

The three primary pillars of the program are publication, community service, and project development/implementation.

1. GERA Lifetrail Program provides a publication outlet for all the program participants to publish their research projects. It requires an endorsement from professor and a grade of B+ or higher in order to publish an article in GERA Journal. This serves two purposes: to build a base for further scholarly articles and to educate fellow students of the findings of a particular research project. There is no thematic limitation to the articles and all disciplines are welcome.

2. Community Service is an integral part of building a general of socially-responsible individuals. GERA Lifetrail Program strongly encourages one community service project per month in order to help the community as well as build a character that will be helpful in the future.

3. Lifetrail Program is also meant to develop an entrepreneurial spirit for its members. We provide the participants with the necessary base to develop projects, yet leave it up to each individual or group of students to come up with their own projects and to implement them. This aspect of the program is very valuable as it allows participants to pursue projects of their own interest and build a base upon which it will be much easier to either find a job upon graduation or already have a revenue-generating project that will be made stronger over time.

In short, GERA Lifetrail program is a comprehensive plan to develop the writing skills, online presence, team collaboration, entrepreneurial, social, and other skills of the participants. This is a low investment and high return program for the students that will place them on a qualitatively new level to pursue their dreams!

Join the Lifetrail program now and embark on a road of self-discovery, personal growth, and professional success! If you have any question or comments always feel free to contact us at or Join Us. We are here to help you realize your full potential.

NOTE: All the team members, stuff members and board members of Global Education and Research Alliance are strictly working on volunteer bases.

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