GERA International Student Support Program

International students have already become an integral part of the American educational system. Concurrently, more and more American students travel abroad to widen their horizons and explore the world. Every year an increasing number of students travel abroad in pursuit of better opportunities and adventure. At the same time many of them travel into areas unknown and are in a need for guidance and help.

GERA ISS program is carefully designed to tackle the challenges that many international students experience. Our program is holistic in nature, trying to identify potential problems from the moment that a student decides to study abroad to what he/she should do after graduation. GERA is here at all steps of international students’ journey to guide them in the right direction, so that they can reap the most benefits of their education.

In a globalizing world, international students play a unique role in driving the engine of the international economy going into the future. At the same time they affect positively their host communities and create links that bring us all together. It is essential to help all international students with the motivation to achieve success, as their success is our success. If you are an international student and would like to get involved in our programs simply email us at or Join Us.

NOTE: All the team members, stuff members and board members of Global Education and Research Alliance are strictly working on volunteer bases. We do not get paid from any of your donations.

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