Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Program Outline.

The Program for Entrepreneurship seeks to provide various learning opportunities for those who are intent on broadening their skills in innovation and entrepreneurship. Our coaching/training employs a broad set of topics on designing and developing innovative solutions, project funding, protecting intellectual property, and building business plans. The academic coaching/training is available for everyone, ranging from undergraduate students to community members. Whether you desire to obtain an expertise in a specific area of innovation and entrepreneurship, set your mind on building a solid knowledge base, or just curious to expand your knowledge and experience, GERA is inviting you to seize these opportunities to meet your needs.

The Program for Entrepreneurship allows students to form multidisciplinary teams to search for potential markets for an innovation, form and evaluate a business model, develop strategies aimed at introducing it to market and starting a new commercial or social endeavor. The Program makes sure that comprehensive participation is in place, promoting favorable learning environment. This initiative is the cornerstone of GERA’s entrepreneurship educational mission and is open to all students. Our team of coaches and practitioners are looking forward to provide entrepreneurs with knowledge, expertise and experience for defining, planning, establishing and financing their innovation-oriented commercial projects.

Turn your ideas into a successful business

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  • Imagine what you could do with mentors, workshops, office space, awards, prize money, and more.
  • See how an exclusive network helps firms to survive, compete, and thrive through innovation management.
  • Experience theory and practice in and out of the classroom by interacting with our extensive network of world known trainers
  • Submit your profile and summarize your business idea.
  • Discuss your idea with other students and the coaches/instructors and evaluate its viability and feasibility
  • When your idea is approved by our professionals, start working toward its implementation under their supervision

Program for Entrepreneurship Overview

How does GERA benefit?

  • The integration of the academic and practical dimensions in this entrepreneurship program allows GERA to act as a conduit for growing creative individuals and teams’ ideas into a business, thus becoming an agent for positive change in the community.
  • The program will allow GERA to attract creative, energetic students who will enhance the GERA experience and fulfill its mission objectives.
  • The program will attract the interest and involvement of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others to GERA.

Summary and key ideas

The goal is to create a program to help entrepreneurs grow their ideas into businesses and to use this program as an educational platform

  • The Program focuses on supporting creative individuals, teams and entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary tools and environment for the successful launch of a new venture.
  • Entrepreneur is the individual or individuals who plan to build a venture and intend to get involved in it professionally.
  • An entrepreneur will turn his or her idea into a business via a project. Basically, the project’s objective will be some technology around which the business concept and company are built.
  • A set of courses will be employed for the implementation of the program. The courses will have clearly defined and specific goals and objectives. The courses will have flexibility to be adapted to the needs and state of a particular project.
  • A successful outcome for a project would be to become company with sufficient funding.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs will have a possibility to be matched with a promising technology or business idea. That entrepreneur will show the commitment and driving energy to the project. Other students can be attracted to or recruited to the project in the process of its development.

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