Discover Talented Individuals

GERA Global Education and Research Alliance has partnered up with the “VERUST“, Corp. company in California providing students and young professionals with a channel to be able to further develop and use their artistic, sports, and other talents.

Attention TALENT! Are you an actor, model, dancer, writer, producer, on-air talent, athlete, chef, opera star, photographer, camera operator, DJ, or a stand-up comedian? Is it time for you to take your spot and shine like a star in the entertainment industry?

The answer is YES. And NOW is the time.

“Verust” corp. is the PLACE and YOU are in the right place at the right time. We are looking all type of talented individuals. To learn more about these opportunities go to

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As an Intern

Global Educationa nd Research Alliance non profit organization welcomes you to join our internshp program. We have several type of internship programs. You can join us from different countries even and make a difference globaly.